Trim Gauge 4"


Trim-Gauge 4”


The Trim Gauge® allows for increased productivity and accuracy in such areas as carpentry, siding, window replacement, adjusting power tool settings, ceramic tile, hardware placement, masonry, flooring, glass/mirror, vinyl graphics, sewing, crafts, and much more.


Adjustable sliding scale on both sides of the tool making it convenient for right hand and left handed measurements.

Locking thumb screw makes it possible to lock down the dimension you are working with, enabling easy repetitive measurement use.

Bright, bold color ensures Trim Gauge™ is easy to find around the house or on the job site.

Compact and user friendly. The Trim Gauge™ fits nicely in your hand while in use and conveniently in your tool pouch without taking up much space like other tools do.

Spirit Levels are built into the bottom of the tool allowing for easy leveling of vertical and horizontal surfaces.

A 3/16" reveal built into both sides of the tool. This is the standard reveal used when installing door and window trim around openings.

Unique "mirror" design. When you slide the Trim Gauge™ and its exclusive patented design forward in one direction on the imperial side, it will read the metric conversion from the opposite direction. When the Trim Gauge™ is locked down it will hold the same measurement on both ends regardless of whether you are using imperial or metric measurements.


Trim Gauge 4"



"I think it might revolutionize torpedo levels in a way that other manufacturers haven't yet dreamed.”
Gary Katz